Gender Sessions Package Breakdown:

Teaching + Coaching

2.5 month Journey into Gender (8 sessions total)

    -one 60 minute session per week  (we’ll take a week break after each 3rd week to help you digest and integrate what you’ve learned, unlearned, and explored so far. And to give yourself some rest because gender is a lot to think about)

   -customized prompts, exercises and assignments

    -weekly email support and check-ins

  • Our first session-Where are you at?

    • we’ll start off with going over your desires, struggles, challenges, questions, goals, curiosity

    • What are the areas in your life that you are experiencing struggle around gender? (relationships, work, confidence, your body)

    • How do you currently identify? Pronouns?

    • What do you want?

  • Sessions Two-Four

    • Unlearning/Unpacking gender

      • we’ll begin the unlearning/re-learning process where we’ll be going over what you need to unlearn in order to be more of you and get what you want in life.

      • We’ll go over how gender is getting in the way. I will help you connect the dots between systemic oppression, how gender has impacted and influenced your life and how it’s getting in the way of your desires and be all of you.

      • gaining new perspectives on how gender affects you and your life and every area of society

    • Looking into the messages/beliefs (internalized oppression) you’ve received that aren’t serving you, that are harmful and holding you back

    • Examine ways you perform gender and feel like you have to perform

  • Sessions Five-Seven

    • Explore and play

      • Connect to your deepest desires

      • How do you want to express yourself

      • Hold space for you to explore parts of yourself that have been denied

      • Space to play and have fun (Exercises)

    • Own and Embrace

      • Your gender story

      • Who you are

      • Connecting to who you are underneath it all

      • What parts of you to do you want to own, reclaim?

      • give you space to explore gender or without gender.

        • What are the ways that you want to be? Who do you want to be? What are you curious about? How do you want to express yourself?

      • own who you are

        • own how you want to show up, how you want to express yourself, what you want more of….Own who you are, whether that involves an identity or not.

  • Sessions Seven-Eight

    • Integration

      • So, you’ve gained new more awareness and new perspectives. You’ve started exploring in ways you were afraid or hesitant of or didn’t realize you knew you wanted. How do you integrate all of this into your life, how do you tell your friends and family and communities? How do you talk about this with other folks?

      • What changes need to be made?

      • How do you choose more liberatory beliefs and actions

        • How does this affect how you show up for others and how you can create a safer and more liberatory space for others

      • So now what? How do you integrate all that you’ve learned and explored into your everyday life?

        • How do you tell your friends and family and co-workers?

      • Creating and taking practical action steps on what you want to shift and implement

      • You’re starting or continuing an everyday revolution of self, society, and culture.

Ready To Take This Journey with Me? Take my hand. I got you. 

“Mini” Session-60 min: Want to do some digging and dissecting of gender and how it’s influencing you and your life, but can’t or don’t want to commit to a 3 month package? Or maybe you want to get a taste of what this journey into unlearning and exploring your gender is all about before you take the deep dive.


Curious about all of this gender stuff but want to chat first before committing to anything? Let’s chat! Sign up for a FREE 15-20 minute phone/video call with me so we can connect and see if any of this sounds like a good fit for you right now.


My Gender Sessions Might Be A Good Fit For You If.....

>> You feel very much like a “man” but you’ve always wanted to wear a dress or a skirt or makeup

>>You identify as a cis man but you want to learn how gender roles hold you back and learn more egalitarian, feminist ways of being in relationship with others, and in your everyday life.

>>You’re questioning your gender and are hungry to know more about how you’re affected by gender and what your relationship is to gender.

>>You identify as trans and you want to dive deeper into the various layers of gender and how it shows up in your life, and you want to heal from beliefs you have have internalized from oppression, and explore gender in new ways.

>>You identify as a cis woman but you’re fucking tired of having to prove yourself because of your gender and you want someone to help you breathe.

>>Your partner is trans, nonbinary, or genderqueer and you want to better understand the construction of gender, what it's all about and how it shows up in your life and relationship(s).

>>You’ve never questioned gender or have any idea what this gender stuff is even about, but you find it interesting and you’re curious to learn more. It’s okay to be totally new to these concepts. I got you.

>>You want to unlearn beliefs you have about gender that aren’t serving you. Maybe they served you at one time but they aren’t anymore. Or, perhaps they never served you.

>>You feel like you have to be a certain kind of woman or man, wife or husband, successful entreprenuer or boss, parent, friend, or human in this world based on your gender, and you're ready to be free of this pressure and expectation.


Q: Do I have to want to completely transform my gender to be a part of this?

A: You do not. Everyone is affected and influenced by gender. Gender is on a spectrum, gender is everywhere. While we all live in this (patriarchal) gender system, you have a unique experience with gender. Exploring could look a lot of different ways.

Note: I am not a therapist. If you’re wanting to talk to someone about transitioning your body, please see a therapist.

I make space for you to be completely honest with me about gender and what you’re struggling with. If there are areas that you want to go deeper into that are outside of my skillset or interest, then I will let you know and refer you to a therapist or someone else that could support you better.