About Cameron Airen


Hello love, I am a queer feminist consultant, interviewer, writer, teacher who believes that your true self lies outside of the gender binary, not within it.

I am here to help you get in touch with who you are underneath what you've been conditioned to be, and embrace it.

I am here to help relive the pressure for you to fit into gender norms, and to help you heal from this expectation to "perform".

It's my intention to provide a safe space for you to be brave in exploring your gender identity, expression, and exploration.


the work of unlearning gender expectations and norms isn’t just a coming home for the individual, but, also, a transformational paradigm shift in society. When you challenge the gender restrictions that you’ve been taught, you are freeing yourself and others. The more you know and own who you are, the more accepting you are of others and how they show up as themselves too.