Here's what I see....

People of all genders tired of feeling like they have to live up to specific gender norms and expectations that society has laid out for them

Folks feeling like they have to perform a certain kind of gender (masculinity/femininity, manhood/womanhood) that isn't in alignment with who they are  a lot of the time. 

Individuals (cis, non binary, trans, no identity) questioning their gender or wanting to play with gender.

I see people holding themselves back from doing certain things that they "shouldn't" because society might laugh at them, shame them, or even harm them. 

I see people falling into gender roles because they don't have another system in place. They didn't prepare for this, and they didn't want this. But, they don't know another way. Or, they're too tired or afraid to try. 

I see folks hide all of who they are because they're afraid of being shamed for not being "man enough" or "woman enough." 

Here's what I know about gender....

Gender is a construct and it’s not who we are at our core.

Although gender is a construct, it matters. And it’s performance runs deep.

Gender is a performance. And you don't have to perform someone you are not anymore. 

Gender is considered essential to our personhood.

When we’re taught that gender is who we are at our core, then we attach ourselves to it, and questioning our gender can be very uncomfortable because it shakes up the foundation of who we think that we are, of who we’ve been taught that we are.

It's challenging and uncomfortable for folks to see themselves outside of gender or challenging gender, and to recognize that their “essence” is not about being a “woman” or a “man”

Gender is complex. 

Gender is fluid

Our culture has taught us what it means to be a “woman” and a “man” and it is killing us, whether physically or on the inside.


You are so much more than the gender that has been placed upon you at birth.

I allow you to let go of the gender expectations that have been placed upon you. I allow you to just BE. Who you are underneath the various and many societal layers and constructs. I give you permission to be who you are, and I give you the space to give yourself that permission. To explore and play with gender or without gender however you desire. However you want to express yourself.

Free you from feeling like you have to live up to society’s expectations so you can stop being someone you’re not and start being who you are/the person you’re meant to be.